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Troubleshoot Your A/C Problems

The Carolinas have already experienced a little taste of Summer! What happens if you’re relaxing at home and realize the temperatures are starting to rise? What do you do?

We always recommend contacting the experts for a professional diagnosis. But there are some easy checks that you can perform. Before putting your weekend plans on hold, try these simple troubleshooting tips:

Check your circuit breakers. It is possible that your A/C breaker has tripped. If so, reset it. It may have been caused by a power surge, but keep in mind that a breaker trips for safety reasons. If it happens again, you should call an electrician or HVAC Technician to check it out.

Check the disconnect. On the side of your home near your air conditioner disconnect switch. Make sure that it is plugged in securely and/or flipped on. Use caution as this switch controls 240 volts of electricity going to the air conditioner.

Check your air filters. The airflow to your unit is VERY important. When your air filter is dirty, it restricts airflow through your system and could cause the A/C to malfunction. If your filter is clogged with dust, dirt, or other debris – remove it immediately. More than likely, your evaporator coil has started to freeze. Leave the system off for a few hours and try again.

Check your condensate drain. When your air conditioning is running, the system creates condensation and is carried away from the furnace or air handler by a drain line. Most systems will have a safety switch attached to a drain pan under the equipment that will shut your system down if your drain line becomes clogged. This safety device prevents water damage to your ceiling or floor. If you find water in the drain pan, turn the system off and empty the pan. Although your air conditioning will start cooling again – this will continue to happen until the drain line is flushed.

If you find that these things do not solve your problem, call Helms Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a service professional. Our team is available 7 days a week for your air conditioning emergencies.


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