Most Common HVAC Questions

What are the components that make up an HVAC system?

There are different types of HVAC systems and installation applications. For a detailed explanation, visit What's Your Type?

What does HVAC mean?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

What type of routine maintenance can I do myself?

1. Replace your filters regularly - every 30 to 90 days - based on how dirty it is. 2. Keep your outdoor unit free of debris (twigs, leaves, dirt, grass clippings, etc.) 3. Keep your condensate drain clean to prevent a buildup of mold, algae, and debris by mixing bleach with one cup of hot water and pour it down the drain. 4. Report any strange noises, odors, and operations to your HVAC professional immediately. 5. Test your carbon monoxide detector regularly. Replace the batteries every six months.

When should I replace my HVAC system?

If any two or more of these conditions apply to your home's heating and air conditioning system, it may be time to replace it: 1. System runs longer in order to reach the thermostat's set temperature. 2. The system is starting to make unexplained noises. 3. You have had or are in need of numerous costly repairs. 4. Your system has no history of routine maintenance. 5. Your system is 10+ years old.

Why should I replace my old HVAC system?

The initial cost of an HVAC system replacement can be high, but there are many ways you can benefit from a new system: 1. substantial energy savings 2. your old system uses outdated technology 3. your air conditioner or heat pump utilizes R22 refrigerant 4. maximize comfort 5. avoid unexpected out-of-pocket expenses with a parts and labor warranty 6. lower maintenance costs

Does my homeowners insurance cover HVAC systems?

A typical homeowners insurance policy covers your heating and air conditioning systems ONLY if they're damaged by fire, flood, high winds, fallen trees, theft, hail, lightning strike, etc. It will not cover your system due to normal wear and tear, owner neglect, or old age.

How often should I change my filter(s)?

The frequency in which you should change your air filters depend on a few factors: * air filter model * number of pets * household size and traffic * dust, air pollution, etc. around your home For standard 1-3" filters, you should replace them every 30-60 days, depending on how dirty they are. See Understanding HVAC Air Filters.

How much does routine maintenance cost?

A one-time maintenance visit is $89 for the first system and $69 each additional system. Before you schedule, check for seasonal specials! For maximum benefits, sign up for our annual Maintenance Agreement. The cost is $149 for the first system and $100 each additional system. During that year, you will receive: 1. heating system maintenance 2. cooling system maintenance 3. priority service in the event of a breakdown 4. 15% discount on repairs

Should I cover my outdoor unit in the Fall & Winter?

We do not recommend covering your outdoor unit. This equipment is built to withstand outdoor temperatures and elements. Your outdoor unit will be checked for debris and cleaned during routine maintenance.

What if I need a repair on a holiday or weekend?

No worries! Whether your problem happens during normal business hours or on Memorial Day, our HVAC service team is available to get your system back up and running. Just call 704-821-6255. You can also try our Chat feature below to see if there are some minor things you can check before scheduling a repair.

What kind of warranty will I get with a new HVAC system?

At Helms Heating & Air, most of our system replacements come with a 10 year parts warranty and 2 years labor. You will also have options to extend the labor coverage to 5 years or 10 years.