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HVAC Warranty 101

There are no guarantees in life... or HVAC, but a warranty comes pretty darn close!

When you live in the Carolinas, your air conditioner gets a serious workout. Our Summer temps can hit triple digits with no relief! Such a demanding workload, can cause even the most reputable air conditioning units to break down.

If you've ever had to pay for a heating or air conditioning repair - you know it can get pretty pricey. Whether you purchased a new construction home or replaced your existing heating and air conditioning system, understanding your warranty is critical to hanging on to your CA$H!

Parts Warranty

STANDARD (automatically included)

The equipment manufacturer (i.e. Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Trane) of your heating and air conditioning equipment will stand behind their product with limited parts coverage on their equipment. In most cases, this will be five years from the effective start date.


Most manufacturers will extend your parts coverage from five years to ten years for FREE! All that you have to do is register your equipment with them. I KNOW! It takes minimal time and effort! BUT, there are so many times that this simple task - potentially worth thousands of dollars in savings - is ignored or forgotten!


  • Make sure to register ALL components of your system. Not sure how many you have? See What's Your Type?

  • Registration must be completed within a limited timeframe determined by the manufacturer (usually 60 or 90 days). Unfortunately, if you miss this deadline, there's nothing we can do to extend it - no matter how much we like ya!

  • A common misconception about HVAC repairs is that a part replaced under warranty should be no-charge to the homeowner. The manufacturers' warranty only covers the part itself.

Labor Warranty

STANDARD (automatically included)

North Carolina provides, as a matter of law (Chapter 87, Article 2), an implied labor warranty to cover any defects in installation for a period of at least one year. The implied warranty does not require any specific language in your contract to be effective and may co-exist with a longer written, or expressed warranty.


Your HVAC contractor can provide you with coverage options for extending your labor coverage through the manufacturer. As a dealer, they receive special pricing. Five to ten years of coverage could cost as little as $300-$1000 depending on your system type.

These optional extended service agreements (ESA's) will pay the entire bill on your behalf - the diagnostic/trip charge, labor, materials, and refrigerant necessary to make a covered repair.

Not only is it a smart idea to have maintenance performed on your heating and air conditioning, it is important to have it done routinely. In the event of a breakdown, we will be required to submit documentation of routine maintenance with your claim.

Coverage Period

REPLACEMENT SYSTEM - If you had your existing system replaced, your coverage start date is the installation date. If a Helms crew did your replacement, no worries! We have registered your new equipment on your behalf.

NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME - If you purchased a new construction home, your coverage start date is the original closing date. If your builder contracted Helms to install the system in your new home, check these instructions before registering your equipment.

How To NOT Void Your HVAC Warranty

Take a look at these innocent mistakes that could void your heating and air conditioning warranty. Do NOT be that guy!

  • installation or repairs performed by unlicensed contractor

  • using replacement parts not approved by the manufacturer

  • lack of routine maintenance (at least once a year)

  • failure to transfer existing warranty upon purchase of home

An HVAC warranty should give you confidence that the manufacturer and contractor have your back if something goes wrong with their product and/or workmanship. The BEST way to avoid unexpected repair costs is by knowing what's covered and taking advantage of the optional coverages available to you!

If you're curious about your HVAC coverages, need help registering your equipment, or want a quote for an extended service agreement - feel free to reach out!

We're always happy to help! Whether you're a Helms Heating & Air customer or not!
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