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Do I Really Need HVAC Maintenance?

There are so many responsibilities when you become a homeowner. One of the most important is to save as much money as possible while properly maintaining your home.

Most of the time, your HVAC system is out of sight, out of mind. If it is operating well, you probably don't give it a second thought. But your heating and air conditioning system is a crucial home investment. Scheduling routine maintenance to protect your investment could end up being the best financial decision you make this year.

What if I Skip Routine Maintenance?

  • Higher utility bills. A system that doesn't receive regular attention is much less energy efficient. Fuel consumption will be higher, leading to higher monthly utility bills.

  • Inefficient comfort. When your heating or AC system isn't maintained, performance suffers. As your system works harder to keep you comfortable, problems such as short-cycling can occur, causing your system to turn off before it can provide sufficient heating or cooling.

  • Frequent and costly repairs. Heating and cooling equipment that doesn't routine maintenance will cost you in both money and inconvenience by breaking down more often. And usually during the most extreme weather.

  • Lifespan will be shorter. Not only will your system break down more often, but the overall wear and tear of using the system daily without cleaning and tuning its components will eventually take its toll. You will find yourself replacing your heating and cooling equipment more often.

  • Safety concerns. Anytime you have fuel and electricity combined, you have a safety risk. Neglecting your equipment could lead to potential safety issues caused by gas leaks, carbon monoxide, loose electrical connections, and problems with the electrical wiring that could cause short circuits.

An Annual Maintenance Agreement with Helms Heating & Air is plain and simple. There is an affordable, one-time payment that guarantees comfort perks for one year. As a Maintenance customer, you will receive the following perks:

  1. Priority service. Your furnace or air conditioner is likely to encounter problems during severe weather. Annoyingly, this is usually when everyone else's systems break too. We often accommodate a higher volume of service calls over peak seasons. With a Maintenance Agreement, you'll jump to the front of the line with our guaranteed priority service. And you'll never pay overtime fees.

  2. Discounts on products and repairs. All Maintenance Agreement customers receive a 15% discount on repairs.

  3. Two seasonal clean & check visits. Your home comfort is our top priority. Our office will contact you when it is time to check your heating or cooling system(s). A technician will perform a complete inspection of your system and provide you with their findings, including recommended repairs. Even if nothing is wrong, they may still make adjustments, like tightening electrical connections, sealing small duct leaks, cleaning components, and more to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Is a Maintenance Agreement Worth The Cost?

An annual Maintenance Agreement with Helms Heating & Air Conditioning is $189 per year for one heating and cooling system. Any additional systems are $100 each per year. Our competitive pricing allows you to easily handle your responsibility, keep your family safe & comfortable, and maximize your heating and air conditioning system’s efficiency and longevity.

Heating and air conditioning systems were never meant to operate without routine upkeep. An annual Maintenance Agreement will save you time, money, and stress. Call the experts at Helms Heating & Air Conditioning of Indian Trail to sign up and schedule your first maintenance visit!

We are Your Year-Round Comfort Source!


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