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2023 HVAC Tax Credits & Rebates

Did you make home improvements? Some of them may qualify for federal tax credits and incentives.

Taking advantage of tax credits, along with any available rebates, is a good way to help make the transition to a clean energy future more affordable. Most of the six elements of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade are covered.

Tax Credits for Qualifying HVAC Equipment

These tax credits are effective for products purchased and installed between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2032. Must be an existing home and your principal residence. New construction and rentals do not apply.

Air Source Heat Pumps: 30% of project cost up to $2,000

Central Air Conditioning: 30% of project cost up to $600

Furnace (Natural Gas, Oil): 30% of project cost up to $600

If your heating or cooling system is old, and you are considering new equipment, it is always wise to optimize your attic insulation first, so you don't pay for more heating and cooling than you actually need.


*The tax credit information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for expert advice from a professional tax/financial planner or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).



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