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Women in HVAC?

The HVAC industry has long been a male-dominated industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the 367,800 Americans employed in 2019 as heating and air conditioning installers and technicians, only 1.4% of those were women!

With skilled labor shortages, HVAC is one of the most in-demand careers on the market. The job outlook for HVAC careers is currently expected to grow 14% before 2024 - DOUBLE the typical growth for most industries.

In order for businesses in the industry to grow and find quality employees for the future, management must look outside the industry's preconceived idea of what a Service Technician looks likes. And, as industries welcome more diversity, leadership is benefiting from fresh viewpoints.

Helms Heating & Air intends to help narrow the gender gap by encouraging women to seek out a successful career in the HVAC industry and providing the tools and education that will help them succeed! With steady work, a very promising job outlook, high wages and flexible opportunities, our offers appealing career opportunities for women!

Say hello to Makenzi!

Makenzi started with Helms Heating & Air as a member of her dad's replacement installation crew. She took her knowledge to the next level! She has now successfully acquired the necessary certifications, education, and job training as a Service Technician! Don't let that cute face fool you - she's got the mechanical aptitude, customer service skills, positive attitude, attention to detail, and passion for learning to handle any challenge she will encounter.

Today is Makenzi's first day solo!!

If you see her in the Charlotte NC area saving the HVAC day,

show your support with a honk or wave!!


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