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Before You Call For Heating Repairs

If you notice signs that something is wrong with your heating system, we wouldn't recommend you try repairing it yourself. Many homeowners are into the DIY approach, but where your family's comfort is concerned, you want the repair done safely and correctly.

However, there are a few things you can check before scheduling an appointment:
  • Clean or replace your air filter

  • Make sure there has not been an interruption in your gas service

  • Replace batteries in your thermostat (if battery-powered)

  • Check for a tripped breaker

  • Check the power switch for your furnace (looks like a light switch and should be within arm's length)

  • Make sure all vents and returns are open and not blocked

  • If your system is in the crawl or basement, check to see if the water created by condensation is being pumped to the outside. If you PVC pipe is frozen, or the condensate pump is not working, it will shut the power off to your system.

Understanding the basics of your heating system is important for any homeowner, but when it comes to repairs aside from basic troubleshooting, it's best to leave it to the professionals. They come with experience, training, certification, and they guarantee their work.

Schedule an appointment today with one of Helms Heating & Air's skilled technicians if you think something is wrong or need a maintenance check. Our team will guide your through the intricacies and issues before they become serious.



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