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12 Heating Season Hacks

Do you cringe every time you open your power bill? That is one bill I despise paying every month! For a few days after writing that check, I turn into my dad - walking through the house turning off all the lights and complaining, "every light in the house is on!” I get it now, Dad!! I GET IT!

Heating costs account for a substantial portion of our monthly expenses. Here are some heating season hacks to keep your home warm and your costs low:

HAVE YOU HEARD OF BUDGET BILLING? Call your utility company and ask about their budget billing. They will look at your energy usage patterns and come up with an average monthly payment that allows you to even out your monthly utility costs, rather than the usual spikes during Summer and Winter.

TURN YOUR HEAT DOWN AT NIGHT OR WHILE YOU'RE AWAY. According the the Department of Energy, the best way to save money on heating bills is to turn set your thermostat 8 degrees lower while you're sleeping or at work (8 hours or longer). Every degree you lower the thermostat could save you an estimated 1% off your heating bill. For MANY reasons, we do NOT suggest you turn the system completely off.

Don't want to bother making all of those adjustments? UPGRADE YOUR THERMOSTAT. Programmable thermostats allow you to create pre-set schedules that automatically change at certain times of the day.

REPLACE YOUR FILTER OFTEN. If dirty and dust are clogging your air filters, air cannot circulate properly through your system. Your equipment will work harder and run longer.

LET THE SUNLIGHT IN. Capture as much free heat as possible. Pull back your curtains and open your blinds on windows that receive direct sunlight.

USE YOUR BATH FANS AND KITCHEN HOOD VENTS ONLY WHEN NEEDED. These ventilation systems are helpful in removing unwanted airborne particles, odors, and moisture from the home and carrying them outside. However, if left running, they continue to pull the heated air out of your home.

SWITCH THE DIRECTION OF YOUR CEILING FAN ROTATION. In the Winter, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise at a low speed to consistently push warm air, which naturally rises, back to the floor.

CHECK HEATING VENTS FOR BLOCKAGES. Make sure that your furniture, window treatments, etc. are not covering your heating vents and restricting the airflow.

CHECK YOUR ATTIC ACCESS. Your attic access or door can be the source of large amounts of heat loss. Make sure it is well-insulated or invest in an attic tent.

KEEP YOUR THROWS AND SNUGGIES CLOSE. When we sit down, our circulation slows down. Wrapping up with a throw while watching TV can improve comfort levels without turning up the heat.

CUDDLE WITH YOUR FUR BABY! Our pets are little walking heaters. Cuddle up for some heat and overall feel-good!! 🐾

BAKE SOME TREATS! I will always find a logical need for baked goods. 😊 Once you finish baking your cake or pie or cookies, leave the stove slightly open to fill your home with that delicious aroma and cozy heat.

For more than 40 years, Helms Heating & Air has strived to keep your families comfortable without breaking your budget! Questions about how you can save money on your heating and cooling costs? Give us a call!
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