Ductless Systems

Ductless Systems

Save Energy & Money

Helms Heating & Air conditioning, Inc. is proud to offer both Split Systems and Ductless Split Systems.

Both systems are designed to meet unique homeowner situations, and both systems do a great job in saving you, the homeowner, significant amounts of energy, which of course translates into saving money on your utility bills.


Helms Ductless Split Systems

Ductless split systems are extremely energy and cost efficient systems designed to meet your cooling needs. And when tied to a heat pump, they will also heat your home during cold weather.

For these reasons, many people have already installed these instead of window units or the much bigger investment of central air-conditioning.

It’s important to check with Helms first, before deciding on whether these systems are right for you. They’re perfect for homes with limited space since they require no ductwork. Please talk to the HVAC professionals at Helms to find out more.

Call Helms now at 704-821-6255 or toll free at 877-GO-HELMS (464-3567) to find out if split systems or ductless split systems are right for you.

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