Humidity Control

Humidity Control

From Too Dry or Too Damp to Just Right

There are two factors at work when you consider humidity. One is the comfort level inside the home and the other is that damage caused by high levels of humidity – including mildew and mold, and low levels of humidity – like dry skin and itchy eyes. So there are some very good reasons to consider humidity control systems from Helms.

Good humidity levels – not too high and not too low – result in better quality of air and serious energy savings. The kind of humidity control that’s right for your home or business depends on the climate where you live.

You can’t change the climate in your area, but you can turn to Helms for help you get optimum humidity control.

The Right Humidifier for Your Home

If you don’t have the correct humidity inside your home, your health can actually suffer. For example your nasal passages and skin can get dry and cracked, you can get itchy eyes and you can generally become very uncomfortable even though your HVAC systems are working properly.

Helms provides just the right humidity control for your home or office with top of the line humidifiers designed to keep moisture at optimum levels within your home.

Naturally, if someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, humidity control inside the home is critical for their health, since dry air can make these conditions worse.

In addition, dryer air doesn't hold heat as well as moister air, meaning if you increase the moisture in the air you can lower the temperature and keep the same amount of heat, thus cutting down on your energy bills.

If you live in Charlotte or surrounding area, talk to the HVAC professionals at Helms to discuss the best options in humidifiers and dehumidifiers to meet your needs.

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