Dual Fuel "Hybrid Heat"

Dual Fuel "Hybrid Heat"

is it Right for You?

Because they are really two systems in one, dual fuel systems are often called hybrid systems. Helms provides dual fuel systems to meet the needs of people who would like a gas furnace along with an electric heat pump, all in one tight hybrid system.

Mild Winters Favor Dual Fuel (Hybrid) Systems

A surprising number of businesses and homes in Charlotte and surrounding area could benefit from Helms dual fuel systems, especially if the area’s ambient temperature cooperates by staying mostly above freezing throughout the winter.

A heat pump system will most efficiently heat your home during the milder weather. When the temperature falls below freezing, the heat pump will shut off and the gas furnace will come on. This provides an inexpensive way to keep your home warm during the winter.

Heat Pump for Mild Weather & Gas Furnace for Below Freezing Periods

While Charlotte weather can drop below freezing, it usually stays above it for most of the winter. It’s at these mild-weather times when the heat pump will effectively heat your house.

However, when temperatures suddenly drop below freezing, the heat pump shuts off and the gas furnace comes on, providing a money-saving answer for insuring your home or business stays toasty warm during this upcoming winter.

Because there are good points and bad with both gas furnaces and heat pumps, it might be smart to turn to the dual fuel system to get the best of both worlds all in the same system.

The dual fuel heat pump is a more costly system than traditional HVAC systems. However, the funds you save will result in lower heating expenses. This means that over time the initial expense will be offset by the savings.

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