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Should you be thinking about home heating repair and installation services? The season is fast approaching when we start wondering about our heating system.

Will it make it through another winter without breaking down? Is it time to think about repair or replacement issues?

These are questions only you can answer, but if you’re concerned about what those answers might be, maybe it’s time to call on the professional certified technicians at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to get our expert advice.

For over 30 years, we have been providing home heating repair and installation services to people throughout greater Charlotte.

Helms Heating Repair Services

The pros at Helms will quickly troubleshoot your heating system and perform any repairs that may be needed to get your heating unit back to peak efficiency.

Regardless of your location in Charlotte or surrounding areas, Helms will be there to repair any heating issues. And be sure to ask about our Multi-Point Heater Repair & Maintenance Program.

Helms Heating Installation Services

If you’re thinking it’s time for a new heating system, be sure to call on the pros at Helms Heating & Air Conditioning Services. For over 30 years, our certified technicians have been installing heating systems throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Whether it’s a brand-new heating system for a brand new home, or a new replacement system for an existing home, be sure to call on the Helms Heating Team.

Do You Know How to Tell if You Need a New Heater Installation?

Sometimes it’s hard to know when you need a new home heating system or simply a repair. If you live in the greater Charlotte area, Helms Heating & Air Conditioning can tell you which option makes the most sense for your situation.

The Helms Heating Team will thoroughly inspect your existing heater and offer suggestions on which way to go. The final decision is up to you, but sometimes it helps to have input from the pros.

Following are some tips to help you determine if you need a new home heating system installation or just some repair services:

• If the heating system is more than 10 years old.
• If you’ve had to make a series of repairs in the last 12 months.
• If repair costs have been creeping up over the last 24 months.
• If your utility bills have been increasing over the last 12 months.

Be sure to contact Helms Heating & Air Conditioning right away if you feel you might need a new home heater installation.

The Helms team understands that buying and installing a new heater is a significant expense; however, we will help to provide you with the best value in a new heater installation.

Call Helms now at 704-821-6255 or toll free at 877-GO-HELMS (464-3567) to schedule a heater inspection or repair, or to discuss a new heater installation.

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