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Why You Should Add a Maintenance Agreement to Your List of New Year's Resolutions

Arianne Large - Thursday, January 11, 2018
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Can maintenance agreements help keep HVAC issues from getting rung in with the new year?

The holidays are over, but it’s not too late to add a good HVAC maintenance agreement to your list of New Year's resolutions. It's more practical than many easily-broken resolutions and easier to stick to than most. And the good news is it can actually save you money. Here's what you need to know:

Why Do You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Your heating and cooling systems keep your house running, year-round, but not if you ignore them and take them for granted. Neglecting maintenance of your HVAC equipment would be like failing to get your car serviced. It can only result in compromised performance, and when this happens, the system won't run at its most efficient. A maintenance agreement can help ensure your system gets tuned up, calibrated, cleaned, and lubricated to keep it running at peak performance.

When to Schedule Maintenance

HVAC maintenance should happen twice a year, in the spring before you start cooling your home during the hot summer months, and in the fall before the cool weather kicks in and your heat gets turned on. These service windows help your system get ready for the seasonal work it does to keep your house comfortable.

What Are the Benefits?

In addition to helping your heat and AC run better, you can save money on repairs. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns by finding small issues before they become big problems. Maintenance tunes up the equipment so it runs smoothly and makes sure the moving parts are not creating friction that can break down the parts prematurely.

When you're ready for the right maintenance agreement to keep your heating and cooling system humming along, talk to the team at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning.

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