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Why Indoor Air Quality Is Especially Important for Spring

Chris Helms - Thursday, April 16, 2015

What’s the worst time of year for indoor air quality issues to arise?

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can fluctuate throughout the year depending on many factors. The constant is that we tend to keep our homes sealed up tight to keep in the warmth in the winter and to keep in the cool in the summer. However, the problem with sealing up the home tight is that all the indoor pollutants are trapped inside, making your air unclean. There is one time of year, however, that seems to be the worst when it comes to indoor air contamination, and that’s spring. Here’s why:

Pets Can Be the Culprit

Spring signals the time to shed winter coats for most of our pets and with that comes the loose hair and pet dander.

When hair and dander get into your carpet, furniture, and cooling vents, it can create not only a messy situation, but it can really compromise the quality of your indoor air. Pet hair and dander are one of the more common allergens, and people who are sensitive suffer when it becomes airborne in their homes.

Plants and Flowers and Pollen, Oh My!

Everything starts to bloom in the spring and that means pollen, lots and lots of pollen. Even when those flowering trees and bushes are outside, that pollen can travel inside through vents, on shoes and clothes, and through open windows and doors.

Many people are incredibly allergic to pollen. Getting that out of the air circulation in your home is key to reducing the irritation from this springtime phenomenon.

The Misery of Mold

In the spring all of the mold that has been lying dormant outdoors springs back to life and unfortunately invades your home. Mold is toxic, dangerous, and nothing to mess around with. Keeping your air filtered and keeping the mold out of the air vents and air conditioning system will help prevent mold from taking hold and growing inside your home.

With so many allergens and irritants present during the spring, it’s more important than ever to have your indoor air quality tested and install the right equipment to improve it. When your indoor air quality is good, your health and well-being will reflect it.

To learn how to improve indoor air quality in your home this spring and summer, contact Helms Heating and Air Conditioning.