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Why Does It Seem Like My Vents Are So Noisy?

Chris Helms - Thursday, June 04, 2015
HVAC Air Ducts

Is your heating and air conditioning system making noises that sound a little scary? If you’re hearing sounds coming from the vents that you haven’t heard before, that keep you up at night, or that make the dog a little worried, here are some things to take a look at:

Air Intake

If there isn’t enough return air it means the system needs to work harder to pull more through which causes a high-pitched squealing sound. The sound is caused by an increase in pressure as the air conditioner works harder to get enough air through the system. Fixing the air return should fix the problem, and stop the squeal.

Air Filter

Air filters are there to do a very important job, but if they get overwhelmed with dust, dirt, and debris the air can’t move through them. When the air filter blocks air flow it can make your system sound much louder than normal because it creates uneven pressure. Cleaning or changing your air filter could resolve this problem.


If you have debris in your vents it could cause them to clunk, thump, or rattle. Things such as screws or construction materials, loose ductwork, and even toys dropped into the vents can cause unnecessary noise when your air conditioner is running. Having a technician inspect your vents can help locate the source of the noise.

Closed Dampers

If you have too many dampers shut it can cause noisy vents. By opening the dampers and checking their functionality you can eliminate the noise, though be careful to do this correctly to avoid other potential issues.

If your HVAC seems noisier than usual, don’t let it keep you up at night, make sure you call for service before more serious damage occurs. Contact the experts at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning for any issues with your heating and air conditioning system, including noisy vents, by calling 877-GO-HELMS, 704-821-6255, or by clicking this link.