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When Is the Best Time to Change My Air Filters?

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Thursday, September 15, 2016
Close up of a clean air filter

Your indoor air quality is impacted by many factors, including how often you change your HVAC system’s air filter. This component is really meant to keep grit and grime out of your heating and cooling equipment. However, as a result, it doesn’t have an impact on the rest of your home. So, when is the best time to change it?

Your Changing Schedule Depends on the Filters You Buy

Most HVAC units can use any number of filters. The thin, fiberglass units are affordable but virtually worthless. The extra thick HEPA filters keep the air incredibly clean, but may be overkill. The best way to know what your home needs is to ask an expert.

Air filters are categorized by minimum efficiency reporting values or MERV ratings. These numbers reflect the size of particles a filter removes from the air. Most homes are well served by filters rated from 7 – 13. These often need changing once a month, though a dirty filter is a clear sign that you’ll want to do it more often.

Unless you have respiratory problems or severe allergies, HEPA filters for your HVAC system or filters rated over 15 aren’t necessary. In fact, even if you need that protection, the air filter on your furnace or AC is not the best place to get it. For special needs, consult one of our friendly indoor air quality experts about an add-on or whole-home air filtration device.

If you have questions on how to improve your indoor air quality and the type of filter you should buy, contact Helms Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today. One of our HVAC specialists will help you design a perfect maintenance schedule. All it takes is one phone call to enjoy a safer, more comfortable home.