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What's Involved With Installing a New HVAC System?

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Thursday, September 01, 2016
Two outdoor hvac systems that are properly installed

It doesn’t matter how much you invest in your new heating and air conditioning equipment. A bad install will rob you of the benefits. Instead of enjoying improved comfort and convenience, along with lower costs, you’ll be plagued with the opposite throughout the (shortened) life your system. Do your future bank account balance a favor, and just call in the experts.

Why Does Professional Installation Make Such a Difference?

Every make and model of HVAC equipment is created just a bit differently. They’re different sizes; they have different layouts; they offer different extras, like air filtering and humidity control. The written instructions may not be updated along with a system’s design, making installation that much more complicated.

Still, it’s relatively easy for someone trained in HVAC installation to work out the process. A novice could easily make a mistake if the blueprints they’re holding look different than the equipment they’re installing.

However, that’s the very last point of procedure. Mistakes are often made early in the selection of a new heating or air conditioning unit. How do you know the size is right if you don’t understand how to gauge power needs? How do you know which models to choose—or avoid—if you don’t know much about their manufacturers?

Professional HVAC installers have a working knowledge of all kinds of heating and cooling equipment. We have the tools and training to work out any kinks. We intimately know the success and failure rates of leading models, and we understand which features will make the biggest impact for your home’s needs.

Contact us to learn more about today’s leading heating and air conditioning choices. Our professional team will make your unit installation go as seamlessly as possible. Make the most of your investment by working with the area’s experts in comfort control.