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What is Hybrid Heating?

Arianne Large - Thursday, December 22, 2016

Green energy

Energy efficiency is a goal for most of us, not only because it’s environmentally friendly, but because it saves us money. This is true not just of air conditioning,

but also of our heating systems. This is where hybrid heating could make a difference, especially in our mild climate. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Hybrid Heating?

Hybrid heating is the ability to take the best of two different kinds of heating systems and combine them into one that is more effective and more efficient. Generally, a hybrid system is made up of a fuel-burning system, such as a gas or electric furnace, and a heat pump.

Why Use a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an incredibly efficient way to heat your home. Instead of generating heat by burning fuel, a heat pump works by moving warm air from one space to another. It extracts heat from outside your home and moves it inside your home. The only downside to a heat pump is that it isn’t as effective once the temperature drops below 40°.

This Is Where the Furnace Comes into Play

If the temperature drops below 40° and the heat pump is no longer able to pull warm air from the cold outdoor air, your gas or electric furnace will kick in to heat your home. Your system can be set so that the furnace only comes on when the outdoor air reaches a certain temperature. This allows your system to be as efficient as possible by using the heat pump until it can no longer keep your house warm and then switching to the secondary heating method, the furnace.

You don’t have to choose one way or the other when it comes to heating your home this winter. You can have the best of both worlds with a hybrid system. To find out more about this heating method, and other ways to increase your energy efficiency, contact our friendly team at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning today.