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Troubleshooting 3 Common Heating Issues

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Thursday, December 10, 2015
HVAC service technician changing a furnace's air filter

We rely so heavily on our heating and air conditioning systems and we rarely think of them until they breakdown, Now that it’s time to warm up the inside of our homes, we need to make sure our system is in proper working order. But what if something is amiss? Here are some troubleshooting tips for 3 common heating issues:

#1: House Isn’t Getting Warm Enough

This is a complaint we hear repeatedly, and the good news is sometimes it’s an easy fix you can do yourself. When your heat is running but your home just isn’t reaching the warm temperature you desire it could be because of a dirty air filter. Filters work to get out all the stuff we don’t want floating around in our homes. But a clogged up dirty filter can block the warm air from the heating system from getting to the rooms in your home. Change the filter and see if that fixes the problem. Remember to change your filters once a month.

#2: Furnace Is On, But No Warm Air

When the heating system is running but the air coming out isn’t warm it could be a couple of different things.

First, check that your temperature setting is where you want it to be, if not adjust and give it an hour or so. Second, check the pilot light on the furnace, rarely those go out but it does happen. If you have another gas appliance such as a water heater, make sure that is functioning also. You could have had an interruption in your gas service. If your gas is on and you feel comfortable doing so, relight the pilot. Lastly, check the breaker. It may have tripped due to a blown fuse or interruption of power.

#3: The Blower Runs Constantly

Your thermostat has a separate switch for your fan. Try switching your fan to “on” instead of “auto” so the fan will run continuously. Switch it back to “auto” and see if it stops. If it doesn’t stop after a few minutes, you could have a bad fan motor or switch which will need to be replaced.

These troubleshooting ideas are things you can try at home to restore your system quickly, however, if you have tried unsuccessfully please do not hesitate to give us a call. Helms will send a qualified technician as quickly as the schedule allows. Remember maintenance customers get priority service, meaning we will be at your home in 24 hours.

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