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4 Tips for Getting Rid of Stuffy Air in Your Home

Arianne Large - Thursday, March 22, 2018

Feel like you can't breathe? You may have stuffy, humid air in your home -- but there are ways to fix it to achieve better indoor air quality.

Do you feel like your indoor air quality is lacking? Is the air in your home stuffy or stale? Do you find yourself sneezing or feel like it's difficult to breathe?

Poor indoor air quality can contribute to a significant number of health issues. Here are some tips for clearing up that air and making your home fresher and more comfortable:

Tip #1: Turn on your circulating fan.

Your circulating ceiling fan can help disperse the air through your home, especially if it's positioned by your HVAC vents. If your HVAC is not powerful or needs an upgrade, it may not be circulating the air as much as is necessary to clear it.

Tip #2: Get your ducts cleaned and your filters replaced.

Air in your home may not be circulating properly because the ducts are blocked. The air that is circulating could be filled with dust and allergens if the filters are not clear. Getting the entire system replaced is often the answer.

Tip #3: Open up your windows.

If weather permits, air out your house during the evening. Many people are afraid to do so because of allergens. But in general, the air quality inside of a home is usually far worse than the air quality outside of a home.

Tip #4: Think about a dehumidifier.

If your air feels "wet" and stuffy, it may not be that the air itself is stale or old; it could be that it's simply too humid. A dehumidifier will take moisture out of the air. This will also discourage mold growth and mildew.

If your air feels stale, unclean, or stuffy, it's often an issue with your air conditioning system or your HVAC. You may need to get it inspected, tuned up, or repaired. The good news is that our team at Helms Heating & Air Conditioning offers complete HVAC maintenance services, perfect for improving your indoor air quality.