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The Biggest Challenges the Average Homeowner Faces When it Comes to Their HVAC Systems

Chris Helms - Thursday, November 06, 2014
HVAC System Challenges

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your HVAC system?

HVAC systems are not something you tinker with every day, or even pay much attention to when it comes to household appliances and mechanicals. But if you’re a homeowner, you probably know that “out of sight” isn’t necessarily “out of mind”. Here are some of the biggest challenges you might face when it comes to your heating system, and what you can do to deal with them, or avoid them altogether:

The Basics: Your Air Filter

One of the things that tend to go wrong most often with a heating system is when the air flow slows down, it doesn’t blow as hard as it should, or the system is working overtime to try to keep up with the demand. The first thing to check is your air filter. Ideally you should change your filter every 30-90 days. Your HVAC will run more efficiently and effectively with a clean filter.

The Captain of the Ship: Your Thermostat

The thermostat controls everything, and without it, your heat won’t work. If you don’t have heat blowing through the vents or you don’t seem to have power to your system, check your thermostat. Turn the fan on and see if the heat turns on. Check the breaker to be sure it hasn’t flipped and to verify you have power to the unit. If neither of those tasks works, it’s likely you need professional service.

The Noisy Bugger: Problems with Your Ductwork

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a HVAC system, and if you find yours is especially noisy, it could be your ductwork. If you hear a whistle or pop, you could have some damage needing to be repaired. Along with the noise, it will increase the workload of your system as it tries to keep up and work around the damage, and you will definitely see it reflected in your utility bill.

If you’re a homeowner and dealing with HVAC system challenges for the first time, or again and again, schedule a service with one of the experts at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning.