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The Best Ways to Avoid Air Conditioner Service

Chris Helms - Thursday, April 03, 2014

How can maintenance plans help you avoid air conditioner service?

Imagine you’re inside on a hot, hot summer day, the cool of the air conditioning making your home a relaxing oasis. And then...the cool air stops. The AC is on the blink. Now you need air conditioner service. Imagine how you’d feel in that moment. Wouldn’t you wish you could go back a few months and sign up for a preventative HVAC maintenance plan?

Well, now’s your chance to find out about HVAC maintenance plans and the best ways to avoid air conditioners service. These could change your summer.

Proper Operation

HVAC maintenance plans can help you avoid air conditioner service by keeping your system running in tip-top shape. Technicians will check and inspect all aspects of your system to ensure everything is adjusted properly, that all of the moving parts are properly lubricated and functioning as they should, that the system is clean, and that the parts are not wearing out.

Problems Solved Before They Begin

As part of a service plan, an HVAC technician will look for any problems that might be present and fix them before they shut down your air conditioning and require air conditioner service. Nipping potential problems in the bud before they become big problems is one of the most beneficial parts of air conditioner service preventative maintenance plans.


With proper maintenance, your air conditioner won’t need to be repaired or serviced, and it will become more efficient. The better your system runs on a regular basis, the more cost effective it is to run your air conditioner all summer.

When you decide it’s time for a preventative maintenance plan, contact Helms today and learn more about their twice-yearly inspections so you can avoid air conditioner service. Call (877) GO-HELMS.