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The ABC's of Controlling Your Cooling System

Chris Helms - Thursday, May 22, 2014

The ABC's of Controlling Your Cooling System

Smart thermostat basics for your cooling system.

It’s time to upgrade your cooling system. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need a whole new HVAC. But you do need the latest technology in smart thermostats. They can do a whole lot of great stuff to help your cooling system do its best work. Here are the ABC’s of controlling your cooling system with a smart thermostat.

A. An Intro to Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are an evolution in cooling system technology. They allow us to move past manual temperature setting, and even beyond programmable thermostats. This type of thermostat lets us not only program our heating and cooling systems before we leave the house, but also when we’re away from home.

Through an internet connection and an app that can be used from your smart phone or your computer, you can change the temperature in your home remotely. And the really cool thing is that some smart thermostats can even learn your habits with your cooling system and will set the temperature for you based on past settings at different times.

B. Energy Efficiency and Your Cooling System

Smart thermostats can make your cooling system more efficient. Because you can control your cooling system in advance and even while you’re away, you can customize the indoor temperature of your home based on variables such as when you’ll be returning, weather changes that affect indoor air temperature, and desired comfort levels at different times of day. Your cooling system is no longer working the same at all times of day when you’re gone, when you forget to change it, or when you just don’t feel like bothering, and instead adjusts to suit your needs. This creates a more efficient system.

C. Proof of Efficiency and How to Adjust

Thermostats of old were pretty basic. You could have the fan on or off. Heat or cool, sometimes auto. Temperature. That’s about it. And you really had no idea how much energy you were using until you got your bill. Now with smart thermostats you can see in real time what your energy consumption is, and adjust accordingly.

If you’re ready to take control of your cooling system with a smart thermostat, contact Helms Heating and Cooling today.