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Taking the Pain Out of Air Conditioning Repair

Chris Helms - Thursday, July 03, 2014

 Taking the Pain Out of Air Conditioning Repair

What you need to know about air conditioning repair this summer

Just imagine it: You come home expecting a cool reprieve from the summer sun, but, lo and behold, your house feels like the inside of an oven. You need air conditioning repair. Ouch!

Most of us would rather avoid calling for air conditioning repair. If that’s your goal this summer, then try one of the following two solutions:

1. Troubleshooting the Problem
Not all problems with your air conditioning require a call to your local HVAC company for air conditioning repair. Some problems may be solved with some simple troubleshooting. If your air conditioning is out and you don’t want to make the repair call yet, you can try some of these troubleshooting methods:

Problem: No power

Check the fuse or the circuit breaker. This is the easiest fix.

Problem: No airflow

Check the thermostat. It seems simple enough, but a simple oversight when setting your thermostat could help you prevent the need for air conditioning repair. Set the temperature below the room temperature and see if the air conditioning turns on.

Problem: Still no airflow

Check all of the switches on the HVAC system; make sure all are on.

Problem: Some airflow but nothing to write home about

Check the filter. A dirty filter can slow airflow. A really dirty filter can cause damage to your HVAC and result in the need for air condition repair.

2. An Ounce of Prevention
If you want to avoid air conditioning repair this summer and your air conditioning unit is still up and running, you should consider preventative maintenance. Preventing air conditioning repair in the first place is the best way to ease the pain and cost of making a repair call.

A preventative maintenance plan ensures your air conditioner gets serviced regularly to keep everything in working order and to catch any potential problems before they turn into a more costly air conditioning repair emergency.

Do you need air conditioning repair or want more information on how to keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency? Call Helms Heating and Air Conditioning today at (877) GO-HELMS and talk to one of our experts.