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Shopping for a New Home Air Conditioner? What to Consider On Your Search

Chris Helms - Thursday, August 21, 2014

considerations when purchasing an AC system

What to look for in your home air conditioner purchase process.

There’s always a good time for a home upgrade, and sometimes that means a new home air conditioner. It’s not something most of us shop for on a regular basis, so we don’t always have a good point of reference for important considerations. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for a new home air conditioner.

Pay Attention to Your Contractor

A good contractor will not recommend the sizing for your home air conditioner based solely on your home’s square footage. They will discuss options, take several measurements, and will take a look at elements like your home’s structure, insulation, attic, windows, and floor plan. The contractor should then make recommendations based on the overall cooling needs of your home.

Energy Efficiency is Essential

When you buy a new home air conditioner, it is vital to buy an energy efficient model. Not only will it cool more effectively, but also save you money in the long term on your energy bills. The size of your home air conditioner is key. An oversized unit will turn on and off frequently, which will cost you more. A unit that is too small will work overtime to try to keep up with cooling needs, another route to inefficiency and increased energy bills.

Installation Makes All the Difference

Installation of your new home air conditioner is essential not only to its efficiency, but also to ensure access for maintenance and repairs, if necessary.

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