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The 2 Secrets of AC Upgrades That Can Save You Money

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Wednesday, June 07, 2017
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You need your heating and air conditioning, but you don't need to spend a fortune to keep the system running. With summer upon us and air conditioning season in full swing, you could be starting to feel the heat when it comes to your utility bills. Take a look at these two secret air conditioning upgrades that can save you money every month.

Secret #1: Programmable Thermostats Are Money Savers

Ok, so these aren't so secret, but maybe you don't know how much you can save by investing in a programmable or smart thermostat. By installing one and using it properly, you can save from 10 to 30% on your cooling bills. They work by allowing you to customize your cooling based on need and comfort levels. Set them to allow your home to get a little warmer when you're away, and get cooler when you're home. You can even program them to adjust when you're on vacation. Only using the AC when you need it, instead of cooling the house 24/7, can have a big impact on your utility bills.

Secret #2: A Dehumidifier Could Be the Key

This tip is a little less well known, but it could save you the same amount of money and energy. Humid air not only feels warmer, but it takes longer to cool than drier air. It's hard to keep the relative humidity in your home at the right levels during the summer with an air conditioner alone. Installing a dehumidifier with your current system can save you money and energy. Your AC will take less energy to cool the air because it's less humid, and the air will feel cooler for the same reason.

You can keep your cool this summer and still save money on your energy bills with a few simple changes. For more information on upgrades you can make to your heating and air conditioning system to spend less every month, contact our team at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning.