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How Office Zoning Could Help Your Bottom Dollar

Arianne Large - Thursday, April 26, 2018

Here’s one simple way you can increase the energy efficiency of your office.

Is your business focused on energy efficiency? There are a lot of ways to save money running your business and increasing your energy efficiency is one of them. If you’re looking for ways to do just that, maybe it’s time to consider zoning the HVAC system in your office. Here’s how it can help your bottom line.

What Is Zoning?

Zoning is a way of taking your heating and cooling system and breaking it into zones so that you can control the temperature in different areas separately. Most zoned systems consist of dampers within the venting and ductwork systems. Separate thermostats in each defined zone control the temperature in that zone. The dampers open and close based on the demands set by the thermostat in each area.

What Are the Benefits of Zoning?

Zoning allows you to control different areas independently of each other. You can control the comfort level based on the frequency of use of the space or area, the individual preferences of whoever is using the space, and the desired amount of heating or cooling you want or need at any given time.

How Does Zoning Increase Energy Efficiency?

When you have one central thermostat to control an entire office or a large workspace, you are at the mercy of whoever controls that thermostat. No matter how warm or how cool each area needs to be, one temperature setting will control the entire space. Zoning allows you to use less energy by only heating or cooling areas that need it, and by customizing the comfort level to suit each person or group. This will allow you to use less energy to keep everyone more comfortable.

To find out if zoning can work in your office to help increase your energy efficiency, contact our experienced pros at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning today.