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Maximize Your Air Conditioning Unit Temperature Control in 3 Steps

Chris Helms - Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maximize Your Air Conditioning Unit Temperature Control in 3 Steps 

How important is your thermostat to your air conditioning unit’s performance?

Unlike most air conditioning units, thermostats get no respect. They’re underutilized and under-appreciated. Most of us completely take them for granted, turning them up or down to suit our comfort at any given time without a thought to how much they actually do. Thermostats are the vital link between you and your air conditioning unit, without which we’d still be using handheld fans and waiting for winter.

Here’s the thing: Using your thermostat the right way can help you maximize your air conditioning unit temperature control. In other words, using your thermostat right can save you time and money – and lengthen the life of your system!

So why are you sticking to the “same old, same old” with your thermostat? Here are three easy steps to using your thermostat to maximize your air conditioning unit temperature control:

1. Program Your Ideal Temperature
A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature for your air conditioning unit to change at different times of the day for different days of the week. Most of us have programmable thermostats, but how many of us use their built-in temperature control functions? Learn how to use and program your thermostat for better temperature control.

2. Figure Out Your Zones
Zoning can be incorporated into ducted air conditioning units to allow you to create temperature-controlled zones within your home for more efficient cooling.

3. Think Smart

Smart thermostats can be installed to work with your existing air conditioning unit. Smart thermostat technology has even more flexibility than other types of temperature control, as long as you use it to its full potential. Learning how your system functions and how you can best utilize your thermostat will keep you in your comfort zone.

Do you need some guidance on temperature control for your air conditioning unit? Look no further than your local HVAC experts at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning. Schedule a service appointment today to talk about your thermostat options.