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Will a Yearly Inspection Make My Air Conditioner More Efficient and Save Me Money on Utility Bills?

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Thursday, September 22, 2016
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Energy efficiency is a major buzzword, but it’s one that has a huge impact on your bills. Low efficiency equipment uses more energy to perform its job, and unfortunately, heating and cooling equipment uses more energy than any appliance in your home. Finding ways to cut back here can result in major savings.

How Maintenance Improves Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to improve your HVAC system’s energy use is simply by performing maintenance on a regular basis. Your heating and cooling units rely on air pressure to function correctly. Obstructions, dirty filters, crusty components, and general dirt and grime can interfere in a big way. This results in the need for more energy to push the air through your home. Changing a dirty filter can improve efficiency by up to 60 percent.

Reducing resistance on moving parts also makes a big impact. For this reason, our maintenance visits include lubing moving components, tightening screws and bolts in your system and repairing the bent, worn, and broken pieces slowing down your system down.

Finally, maintenance visits prevent future problems. We ensure drain lines are clear and electrical parts are in working order. We prevent the breakdowns that lead to serious expenses, energy loss, and the shortened lifespan of neglected equipment. There is no doubt the investment you make in a maintenance call pays off.

Schedule HVAC service whenever your energy efficiency is suffering. Something as simple as a clogged filter could be a culprit. Lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint is just one visit away, so

make your appointment with Helms Heating & Air Conditioning today.