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How a Maintenance Agreement Will Extend the Life of Your AC

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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Do you scoff at maintenance agreements, thinking they're only good for getting your equipment cleaned a couple of times a year? There is so much more to them, including extending the life of your AC. Take a look at all you might not know about maintenance agreements.

What Is a Maintenance Agreement?

Sometimes there can be confusion about what an HVAC maintenance agreement really is. To clarify, it's a plan that ensures your system gets serviced twice a year, in the spring before cooling season and in the fall before you turn the heat on for the cooler winter months. Here is just some of what your regular spring maintenance should include:

  • Check and clean condenser coil to keep refrigerant pressure low
  • Inspect evaporator coils to make sure they're clean to allow proper airflow
  • Inspect blower wheels to ensure consistent airflow and prevent equipment damage
  • Check refrigerant to make sure it's at optimum levels
  • Check and change air filters to provide the best airflow to and from the cooling equipment
  • Test and calibrate the thermostat to make sure it measures properly
  • Clean condensate drain to prevent overflow and water damage

How Does This Impact the Life of My AC?

Now that you can see some of the basics covered during your annual air conditioner service, let's talk about how that impacts the life of your unit. When your unit is functioning properly, clean and free from dirt and debris and properly adjusted and lubricated, there is going to be less wear and tear on the parts. It will also run effectively and efficiently, with reduced chance of breakdown. With any mechanical equipment, when it runs properly, it's going to run longer.

Regular TLC for your HVAC system will not only help keep it running stronger, but it will also keep it running longer. For everything you need to know about maintenance agreements for your HVAC system, contact our pros at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning.