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It's Not All Bad: 3 Good Things About Emergency HVAC Service

Chris Helms - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Emergency HVAC Service

Forget the bad and the ugly; here’s the good side of emergency HVAC repair.

You never want to find yourself in the middle of summer (or winter for that matter) in need of HVAC repair. When it happens, what are your options? Most people dread the idea of calling in for HVAC repair. Fear not! Here are 3 good things about emergency HVAC repair.

1. Quick Response, Quick Repair

Emergency HVAC repair is just that. It’s repairing something vital in your life when it’s an emergency. Although you might be okay for a short time without HVAC during the mild days of spring and fall, when it’s hot or cold out and your HVAC is on the blink, you need HVAC repair immediately. That’s exactly what you’ll receive, a quick fix to your problem. No sense in waiting until you’re beyond uncomfortable, to make a repair call.

2. Help When You Can’t DIY

There are some basic troubleshooting tips when it comes to DIY HVAC repair, which could lead to a simple fix. These tips include checking the pilot light, making sure the filter is clean, and checking the breaker box and the fuses. This is a good start to solving an HVAC issue, but when you’ve exhausted your HVAC repair knowledge in the middle of the night, the next best option is emergency repair. No need to go without air conditioning or heat when an emergency technician can be on site in a short amount of time.

3. Peace of Mind

Emergency HVAC repair gives you peace of mind. Not only are you sure that any repairs will correctly address the problem, but you also know you’re taking care of your family and your pets by ensuring your home remains at a comfortable and safe temperature.

If you suddenly realize you need emergency HVAC repair, don’t wait. Call Helms Heating and Air Conditioning at (877) GO-HELMS now.