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It's Never the Temperature I Set My Thermostat For. Why?

Chris Helms - Thursday, February 26, 2015

Many people notice that the temperature in their homes is not what they set their thermostat to. Here's what you need to know to increase your home's energy efficiency and comfort level.

Home Temperature

If you're noticing that the temperature in your home is higher or lower than what you set your thermostat to, you could be experiencing energy efficiency problems. This is not an uncommon problem, especially in older homes in Charlotte. It’s one that can often be fixed quite easily. The most common reason that a home would be a different temperature than what the thermostat is set to is the inability for the thermostat to correctly read the temperature in the home. Cleaning, repairing, or replacing a thermostat with this problem may resolve the issue.

A much more significant issue is a poorly functioning HVAC system. For example, if you have your home set to 70 degrees in the summer, and your air conditioner is working full-time to keep the temperature in your home at 80, you may have a bigger problem. Older HVAC units or equipment that wasn’t matched well to your home’s size and location may need to be repaired or replaced in order to improve the temperature control in the home.

At Helms Heating & Cooling, we are able to perform a complete diagnostic assessment in order to determine what may be causing the temperature in your home to be different than your thermostat setting. Depending on the issue, we may be able to solve the problem by repairing or replacing your thermostat using high quality parts from brands like Carrier.

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