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3 Reasons Why Indoor Air Quality Should Be a Concern for Every Homeowner during the Winter Months

Arianne Large - Thursday, November 17, 2016
family indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is a concern for everyone, year round, but it should be a concern for every homeowner during the winter months especially. Why? Here are 3 reasons you should keep in mind:

The House Is Closed up Tight

During the winter months, we want to keep the cool air out and the warm air in, so we batten down the hatches and close up our homes. Tight. This is great for the temperature, but not great for the indoor air quality. With the nice warm air, we also lock in any air quality issues.

Pets and Pollutants and Your Indoor Air

Summer isn’t the only time to worry about air pollutants. Winter can have just as many issues when it comes to your indoor air. Pets and pet hair and pet dander are a big culprit during the winter months. There’s also air pollution that comes in the vents, and the pollution from a fire or smoke. The worst of all is the bacteria and viruses that thrive in the warm comfy house.

Your Heating System and Your Indoor Air

Your heating system can either help or hurt your indoor air. The air filter is in place to capture dirt, dust, and debris before it goes into the heating system, preventing damage. It also acts as a filter to help rid your air of pollutants. If your air filter is dirty, it’s not doing its job.

When your house is closed up tight for the winter, you can trap all of the air pollutants inside with you. But you don’t have to fling open the windows in order to breathe easier. For some simple and effective ways to improve your indoor air quality, contact our team at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning now.