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How to Incorporate a Dehumidifier in Your Central AC Unit

Chris Helms - Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Incorporate a Dehumidifier in Your Central AC Unit               

What do you need to know about reducing humidity with your central AC unit?

Humidity in the winter is a good thing. Humid air holds more heat, keeps you healthy, keeps those pesky winter bugs at bay, and keeps your furniture from drying out. But what about during the summer? It’s a whole different story.

Humidity holds heat, which means humid air works against your air conditioning. It has to work much harder to keep the air cool. So too much humidity in the air keeps your central AC unit from working at its peak potential. What do you do? You incorporate a dehumidifier, of course.

Dehumidifiers can be installed with your central AC unit, or you can install a new system with a central dehumidifier. Either way, controlling the humidity is the goal. If you get a new system, it can be installed to replace your old one. An add-on dehumidifier can be installed with your central AC unit as well, with the installation taking only slightly longer.

Your central AC unit with a dehumidifier should monitor the humidity levels and adjust accordingly. You set your optimal comfort level, and your central AC unit does the rest. In addition to increasing your comfort level and making your central AC unit more efficient, dehumidifiers will reduce allergy symptoms as well as protect your home and your belongings from damaging moisture that can build up if the humidity levels in your home are too high.

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