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How Often Should I Replace My Air Filters?

Chris Helms - Thursday, February 05, 2015

Replacing your air filters regularly is key to keeping your indoor air quality good and heating and cooling costs down. But how often should you be replacing them?

Replacing Air Filters

Most HVAC companies offer preventative maintenance agreements to help their customers stay on top of the routine tasks that keep heating and cooling equipment running well. The hard part isn’t replacing your air filter – it’s remembering to do it!

However, when to change your air filter isn't "one-size-fits-all." Different households may need to change their air filters on different schedules in order to keep their indoor air quality high, as opposed to simply changing air filters once every month or every three months. If you have pets that are especially furry, you’ll need to replace your filter more often. More shedding means more dust and debris getting into the filter.

The Charlotte area’s climate can also have a significant impact on how often you'll need to change your air filter. In the summer, when you're running your air conditioner nearly non-stop to combat heat waves and humidity and during those few weeks in the winter when it’s icy and cold, it may be beneficial to change your air filters every two to three weeks or every two months depending on which type of air filter you have.

At Helms Heating & Cooling, we provide high quality heating and cooling services to residents of Charlotte, NC, including no-hassle HVAC maintenance agreements. We offer Carrier brand air filters and can help you replace your air filter as often as needed to keep the indoor air quality in your home as clean and healthy as possible.

Contact us or call us today at 704-821-6255 to learn more about our maintenance agreements, how often to change your air filter, or to schedule service.