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How Humidity Rates Affect Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer

Chris Helms - Thursday, June 11, 2015
Indoor Air Quality and Humidity

We all know the air outside during the summer gets hot and humid, but how does that affect our indoor air quality? You might be surprised to find how humidity levels, in addition to affecting your comfort level, can also affect the air you’re breathing in your home.

Mold + Humidity = Cause to Worry

One of the most common side effects of too much humidity in your home is mold. There’s nothing mold likes better than a warm, humid place to grow and thrive and colonize. But more than being pesky and unsightly, mold can be dangerous and toxic.

When mold is bumped or disturbed, the spores become airborne. This is how they contaminate and affect your indoor air. Once they start circulating through the air in your house they’re inhaled which can affect your health, often causing reactions such as stuffy nose, itchy eyes, irritated sinuses, cough, wheezing, and more. Lowering the humidity levels in your home will help prevent the growth of mold.

Bacteria and Allergens and Humidity

In addition to mold, there are a number of bacteria and allergens that thrive in a humid environment. Pollutants and allergens from outdoors come into your home on shoes, pets, clothing, and through windows and doors. If the humidity level in your home is high they will thrive and grow. A dryer environment is less hospitable for these contaminants.

Warm Air and Moisture Go Hand-In-Hand

It’s just a big love fest when it comes to heat and humidity. Warm air holds onto moisture much more effectively than cool air, which is why, in the summer, the air is more humid and it’s harder to get your indoor air comfortable. Because of this, it’s also harder to maintain healthy and clean indoor air.

We can all feel the heat and the humidity during the summer, but we don’t generally equate it with the quality of our indoor air. To breathe easier this summer, contact Helms Heating and Air Conditioning for help reducing your humidity and improving your indoor air quality by calling 877-GO-HELMS, 704-821-6255, or by clicking here.