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How Central Air Conditioning Can Make Your Summer a Breeze

Chris Helms - Thursday, June 26, 2014

How Central Air Conditioning Can Make Your Summer a Breeze

The advantages of central air conditioning in your house this summer. 

You’ve been outside on a hot summer day, gardening or playing some ball or just hanging out with friends, and you go into your house and feel the nice room. But not the kitchen. Or the bedroom.

Wishing you had central air conditioning? It really can make your summer a breeze.

The Whole Home Plan

Central air conditioning cools your entire house at the same time. There is no running from room to room adjusting various portable units and window units. You only need the one system to keep your whole house cool all summer.

Air Quality

Central air conditioning systems are also better at filtering the air in your home. From dust and dust mites to pollen and pet dander, individual and window units cannot come close to giving you the same air quality improvement as the filtration in central air conditioning.

Types for Every Home

There are a number of different types of central air conditioning to fit the particular needs of your home. Air cooled systems, water cooled systems, split systems, and packaged systems are all types of central air conditioning available.

Noise, Noise, Noise!

Window air conditioning units are loud. Central air conditioning is much quieter because part of the unit is inside and the rest is outside making the noise levels lower, so not only are you cool, but you don’t have to listen to the air conditioner while you’re enjoying the comfort of your central air conditioning.

Want your summer to be a breeze? Take a look at what Helms Heating & Air Conditioning can offer you for central air conditioning in your home. Contact us today.