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What Is a Heat Pump and How Does It Work in the summer?

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Monday, March 06, 2017
Heat Pumps

Heating and air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes. If you live in the south, where the climate is mild and relatively predictable, you might be one of the many people considering a heat pump. Feeling unsure about that type of system? Here's what you need to know about what a heat pump is and how it works in the summer. 

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an HVAC system that works by moving thermal energy, or heat, from one area to another. It absorbs heat from a cool area and transfers it to a warmer one. Heat naturally wants to move from a warm area to a cooler one; however, heat pumps work to make the thermal transfer go against the natural flow. They use compressors that operate using electricity, and the thermal transfer is highly efficient which reduces your overall energy use. 

How Does a Heat Pump Work in the summer?

It may seem like using the word “heat” when talking about your summer cooling doesn’t make sense. Or does it? A heat pump is not only an effective heating tool in the winter, but it’s also an efficient way to cool your home in the summer. Just as it can extract heat from the outside and move it inside, it can also extract the heat from inside your home, and move it outside. As this occurs, cool air gets circulated throughout your home, efficiently and effectively cooling you down in the heat of summer.

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