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Should I be concerned about the ventilation in my home?

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Family enjoying the comfort of a well-ventilated home

As a homeowner, you're plagued with so many concerns ranging from conducting routine maintenance to making necessary upgrades. It causes a homeowner to wonder and worry about what's important to fix and what can wait or be avoided to save time and money. One issue that homeowners question is if ventilation inside a home is vital when making home improvements and for good reason.

Ventilation and Moisture

Ventilation seems like an issue only when something burns in the kitchen, but there are other times when ventilation is vital. Moisture builds up in the home in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Unfortunately, without ventilation, the moisture accumulates more. When air flows freely, it dries out some of the moisture.

Moisture in the home causes smells to linger. Unless you enjoy smelling last week's pot roast for days, removing moisture is key. The wetness in the air traps the odors and causes them to remain.

The dampness has the potential to damage the home over time. It will rot both wood and drywall, which has the potential to do a great deal of harm.

Ventilation and Allergens

Mold isn't the only allergen that travels through the air without proper ventilation. When the air isn't flowing adequately, the allergens remain in the same place and continuously trigger allergy symptoms. Ventilation is beneficial to those have asthma since allergens tend to cause breathing difficulties.

Ventilation and Temperature

The ventilation in your home has the potential to alter the temperature in the home to uncomfortable levels. In the summer, the added moisture makes the home feel warmer. In the wintertime, the moisture that develops without ventilation causes the home to feel colder. This will cause the person to have to spend more money to heat or cool the home, making ventilation a positive in terms of cost efficiency and energy efficiency.

If you have questions about how to improve your home’s ventilation, contact Helms Heating and Air today.