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Is There Anyway to Lessen the Noise That Central Air Conditioners Make?

Arianne Large - Thursday, June 02, 2016
HVAC System

Heating and air conditioning are a necessity for most people, and in the South we love our central air conditioners. But do they have to be so noisy? There are some specific reasons they make noise, but also some ways to reduce it.

Why the Noise?

Air conditioning systems consist of many parts and components that work together to make them work to cool your house and keep you comfortable. Here are a few sources of the sounds that are made when cooling:

  • The fan makes noise as it works to cool the air within the cooling system
  • The startup of the system as it kicks in when the room temperature rises above the temperature set on the thermostat
  • The sound made by other moving or vibrating parts within the motor and the components
  • The compressor which is the noisiest part of the system when it’s running
  • The blower that sends the air out from the cooling unit to the house

Can I Do Anything to Lessen the Noise?

The advancements in air conditioner technology have worked to not only make A/C units more efficient and more effective but to also make them quieter. If you have an older unit, it’s possible you need an upgrade to be able to take advantage of these three benefits of a newer model.

If you have an older unit, the best way to reduce the noise is to have it regularly maintained. When the unit is cleaned and adjusted, it will run more smoothly and effectively, and will make less noise in the process.

No one wants to listen to a noisy central A/C all summer. To find out alternatives to a noisy heating and air conditioning system, contact the team at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning today.