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3 Ways to Protect Your AC from Summer Storms

Helms Heating & Air Conditioning - Thursday, July 05, 2018
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Your heating and air conditioning system could be in the line of fire this summer.

When you’re thinking about your heating and air conditioning system this summer, you’re probably not thinking about how to protect it from a storm. Summer storms can cause damage to your house, your landscaping, and yes, even your AC. Here are three ways you can protect it:

1. Your AC and Wind Damage

Some of the most common damages to outdoor air conditioning equipment occur as a result of high winds. Summer storms can whip up hurricane-strength winds that can actually move your AC unit! This causes damage not only to the unit but potentially to your house as well. Making sure the unit is properly secured and anchored to a concrete pad will help prevent movement and damage from wind.

2. Lightning Damage in the Summer

Southern states are no strangers to lightning during summer storms, and your air conditioning unit could be at risk. Lightning is a real threat to your unit should it hit on or near the equipment. It can damage the external and internal components as well as expose it to a power surge. Installing a surge protector can help avoid electrical damage to your unit and reduce the risk of fire.

3. Damage from Trees and Other Debris

When summer storms are on the horizon, your AC unit could be in the line of fire. The wind and rain can cause loose landscaping and other debris to become airborne and hit your air conditioner, causing damage. Keep shrubs and trees near your AC unit trimmed back and reduce the number of loose branches and debris nearby.

You can't prevent summer storms, but you can help prevent damage to your AC unit. For more information on protecting your heating and air conditioning system, or for quick service if your AC gets hit by a summer storm, contact our expert team at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning.