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3 Ways to Choose Your Home Air Conditioner

Chris Helms - Friday, April 25, 2014

3 Ways to Choose Your Home Air Conditioner

How to make decisions about your home air conditioner.

Whew, it’s already getting hot out! It’s not even summer yet, but many of us have already turned on our home air conditioner. Unless you don’t have one. And then you’re not as happy about the heat. You can have a home air conditioner, but how do you know what’s the right system for your home?

Here are 3 ways to choose your home air conditioner:

1. Evaluation Done by a Professional

A heating and air conditioning professional can come to your home and evaluate what types of systems you can and should consider based on your home’s construction and the amount of space you need to cool. They will do a lot of measurements and look at many things including construction, energy efficiency, and insulation before they determine the required capacity of the system you need in your home.

2. Keep Your Options Open

For your home air conditioner, there are a lot of choices. One of the most popular systems in the South is the packaged system. There are options with these as well, but basically a packaged system includes heating and cooling systems in one cabinet. This allows for flexibility and more options when it comes to installation. Packaged systems can be installed outside at ground level, in a crawl space or attic, or on the roof.

3. Fit It All In

The size of a packaged system is one factor to consider when choosing your home air conditioner. Because it’s all in one cabinet, it takes up less space, which is an important consideration in some of the traditional home designs in the South that don’t offer a lot of space for things like heating and cooling systems.

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