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3 Ways Spring Storms Could Affect Your HVAC

Arianne Large - Thursday, May 10, 2018

How maintenance agreements can help your HVAC after a storm.

Spring is the time for storms, and for making sure you have an HVAC maintenance agreement in place. Why? Because spring storms can have surprising effects on your HVAC system. Let’s take a look at three ways you could see an impact on your heating and cooling system after a storm.

One: Lightning and Your HVAC System

Lightning is a common factor in those intense spring storms that roll through. Although it's not common for your system to take a direct hit from lightning, that doesn't mean it can't affect it. When lightning hits nearby, especially if it hits a power line, it can cause an electrical surge that can damage the electrical components in your system.

Two: Dirt and Debris

Spring storms that have high winds can wreak havoc on your yard by tossing around dirt and debris, including branches and leaves. This debris can keep your outdoor unit from functioning as it should. It can keep the condenser coil from operating properly, wedge into the fan and restrict it or prevent it from moving, and damage parts and components when the system tries to work.

Three: Water Damage

When the storm comes, it brings water, and water damage can severely impact the function of your cooling system. This can affect it in the short-term by damaging parts or impacting the way air gets into your home, but it can also damage your equipment in the long term. Water that gets in can cause rust and result in a breakdown of the parts and mechanisms of your HVAC.

Regular maintenance can't stop the spring storms, but it can give you benefits even after the storm. For information on the additional benefits of HVAC maintenance agreements, contact our team at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning.