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3 Smart Ways to Handle Emergency Air Conditioning Problems

Arianne Large - Thursday, August 17, 2017
mom calling for HVAC technician

It's the middle of the hottest month of the year, and you're wondering why you didn't get that maintenance agreement for your HVAC system. Why? Because of emergency air conditioning problems. Here's what you need to know about handling breakdowns when it's sweltering out:

#1: Do Some Simple Troubleshooting First

If your AC isn't functioning properly, or at all, the first thing to do is some simple troubleshooting to see if you can bring it back online on your own:

  • Check the condenser coil to make sure it's clean and to remove any dirt and debris
  • Check the electrical breaker to make sure it hasn't flipped
  • Make sure the compressor is still on and working
  • Look at the condensate hose and make sure it isn't kinked
  • Check the air filter and change it if it's dirty
  • Adjust the thermostat in case it has been improperly set or is not working correctly

#2: Call in the Pros

If your system is not working and it's a hot day, don't wait to call for emergency repair. It's not only uncomfortable to be in a hot house, but it can also be dangerous, especially for small children, older people, and those with health issues.

#3: Sign Up for a Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance agreements aren't a scam to try to get more money out of you; there are some real and tangible benefits to maintenance agreements. First and foremost, they can help prevent those mid-summer breakdowns that leave you in a sweltering house. They can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. Most of the time, you'll also get VIP treatment and discounts on parts and labor should the need arise for repairs in the future.

Don't panic when you have an air conditioning emergency. Call for help, and get a maintenance agreement, by contacting our pros at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning by calling 877-GO-HELMS.