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2 Tips for Increasing Your Energy Efficiency This Winter

Arianne Large - Thursday, January 25, 2018
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Energy efficiency for your HVAC isn’t just a pipe dream when you know what you are doing!

Want to increase your HVAC energy efficiency this winter? It doesn't have to be just another broken New Year's resolution. There are ways you can save money without compromising comfort. Take a look at these two tips:

Tip #1: Change the Air Filter

This seems almost too simple, but it can have a big impact on the energy you use to heat your home during the winter. The air filter does more than keep your air clean. Its primary purpose is to protect the heating system from dirt and debris, which the filter catches as air gets pulled into the system. If the filter is dirty or clogged, the system has to work extra hard to pull in the same amount of air, which uses more energy, which increases your energy bill.

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Equipment

If your thermostat or furnace is old and outdated, it's using way more energy than it should. The quickest and easiest upgrade is to your thermostat. If you're not using a programmable, or better yet, a smart thermostat, you're throwing away money every month by heating your space when you don't need to. You can program a smart thermostat to only heat when you need it, and you can adjust it remotely if your needs change.

If your heating system is more than ten to fifteen years old, you're also wasting money on equipment that is no longer efficient. Talk to a certified HVAC technician about what new equipment you can invest in to save enough energy and money over time to make up for the cost.

Want to save money on your utility bills this winter? Talk to our pros at Helms Heating and Air Conditioning today to boost your HVAC energy efficiency.

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