Heating System Troubleshooting

Making Sure You Stay Toasty Warm

heating system troubleshooting

Thinking of doing some heating system troubleshooting before winter comes along and catches you cold? Our North Carolina winters can often be downright frigid at times.

So remember, the troubleshooting experts at Helms will do everything possible to ensure that your heating system is running at peak performance this upcoming winter, and all winter long.

Choose Helms Heating & Air Conditioning for professional heating system troubleshooting services for both homes and businesses in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Our licensed and fully-trained technicians are available to troubleshoot and fix any and all heating problems.

But if you’d like to take a crack at troubleshooting the heating system yourself, here are some typical heating issues, along with suggestions for repairing them.

Issue: Furnace is not Warming Home

• Check to determine if air filter is clean. If not, clean or replace it.

Issue: Furnace does not Blow out Warm Air

• Look and determine setting on thermostat. Make sure it’s set properly.
• Look and ensure power is on to the breaker. If not, there could be a tripped fuse.
• If furnace runs on natural gas, make sure that valve is set to ‘open’.
• Check and determine whether or not the pilot light is on.

Issue: Your Gas-run Furnace Switches Off and On Too Frequently

• Check air filter and replace or clean.
• Make sure to lubricate the blower motor oil ports, usually located at either ends of shaft, using lightweight oil.
• Check the belt tension – it may possibly need tightening.
• Check overall belt condition and if it is torn or cracked it should be replaced.

Issue: Furnace Blower Runs All the Time

• Look at the thermostat to determine if it set for fan to run.
• Check the control for the fan. It’s possible it should be reset or replaced.

Issue: Excessive Noise from Furnace

• If it is a low squeal the gas burners might need a good cleaning, or the pilot light might need to be adjusted.
• If it is it a high squeal the blower belt could be slipping, or the motor/shaft bearings might need to be oiled.

After completing these heating system troubleshooting steps, see if you’re still having problems.

If so, be sure to call the troubleshooting professionals at Helms Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We will be happy to come help you troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Call Helms now at 704-821-6255 or toll free at 877-GO-HELMS (464-3567) to schedule a heating system troubleshooting inspection.

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