Air Duct Sealing & Installation

Breathe Easy While Saving Money

air duct sealing

It’s hard to overstate the importance of good air duct sealing and duct installation to the overall health and efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems. Properly installed and sealed ductwork will dramatically help to reduce energy loss.

Heating and cooling systems both need properly installed ductwork to do their jobs with maximum efficiency. When ducts are improperly sealed, the result is loss of large quantities of cool or warm air.

Ductwork problems frequently occur over time. The ductwork may have been installed correctly, but it could be in a location subject to large temperature fluctuations, in which case the ductwork may start to leak hot or cold air.

Typically the problem becomes more severe over time. Often it is only after the homeowner notices steadily increasing utility bills and initiates an inspection that the leaky ductwork is found.

Helms Solves the Problem

If you begin notice that your heating and cooling systems don’t seem as efficient as they once were or that your utility bills are climbing into the stratosphere, it’s time to call the ductwork professionals at Helms Heating & Air Conditioning.

Once Helms has located the problem, the faulty ductwork can be resealed or reinstalled to correct the problem.

The good news is that your savings in utility bills quickly offsets the cost of the ductwork inspection and repair – a happy win-win for all concerned.

Your Home Will Thank You – Save Energy & Money with Air Duct Sealing

With Helms Heating & Air Conditioning on the job, your air duct sealing and duct installation work is sure to go smoothly, resulting in tremendous savings in both energy and money.

It’s a great feeling when your HVAC systems work as designed, and when you see those utility bills get chopped down to size.

Helms is a family owned company that has been operating in Charlotte and surrounding areas for over 30 years. They are the area’s leading provider of HVAC services, including air duct sealing and duct installation.

Call Helms now at 704-821-6255 or toll free at 877-GO-HELMS (464-3567) to schedule a ductwork inspection.

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